Hubs for VirtuosoNext™

Hubs for VirtuosoNext™ is a web-based toolset to build, compose, depict, and analyse Timed Hub Automata. These automata give semantics to Hubs, interacting entities on the Real-Time operating system VirtuosoNext™ developed by Altreonic.

The toolset is developed in Scala, and uses ScalaJS to generate JavaScript. The toolset is developed as a sub-module of ReoLive.

VirtuosoNext™ RTOS

VirtuosoNext™ is a distributed real-time operating system (RTOS) featuring a generic programming model dubbed Interacting Entities, called Hubs. Hubs act as synchronisation and communication mechanisms between the application tasks and implement the services provided by the kernel as a kind of Guarded Protected Action with a well defined semantics.

How to use the tools

Hubs for VirtuosoNext™ toolset is available to use online or to download and install locally following the installation guidelines.

Either case, read Using the tools to learn more about how to use the tools.